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I am running for the Texas Senate District 25 because I believe the incumbent, Senator Donna Campbell, does not represent the people she was elected to serve. We must object and resist those who would limit our individual freedoms, destroy public education and deny many people access to life saving health care. Ms. Campbell authored Senate Bill 5, a Bill that removed practical healthcare from thousands of Texas women based on her personal beliefs. This legislation limits women’s access to healthcare because she objects to some procedures offered by the clinics.  It requires women of limited means to travel great distances to a very limited number of facilities that can provide medical evaluation and treatment.  I believe Donna Campbell does not appreciate the implications of SB5 which denies access to lifesaving medical care to many women who cannot afford the cost of traditional private medical treatment.

A further example of what I consider utter hypocrisy is her letter, printed and mailed at your expense, touting Senate Bill 1029 which supposedly protects the public from Toll Roads. The Bill says that construction of a Toll Road must include at least the same number of “free” lanes. But note that this is true “unless the commission by order designated the highway or segment as a toll project before the contract to construct the highway or segment was awarded”, Section 228.201. Para, a(1). It can be a toll road. The Bill does not therefore actually specify the requirement for free lanes. It does not require a brain surgeon to see that this frees TEXDOT from the obligation to the tax payer for the construction or conversion of roads to toll roads. 

An incidental question: If toll roads are for the benefit of the people, certainly once the construction costs are met, the toll road should become a free road and maintained with gas tax dollars.

If Ms. Campbell wanted to be taxpayer oriented, she would have introduced a Bill with two sections. Section 1. No toll road shall be constructed without the majority vote of every county through which that toll road shall pass.  Section 2. When the cost of construction of that toll road is met, the toll road shall become a toll free road. This is called the democratic process.

I believe Ms. Campbell does not understand or fathom the implications of her votes in the legislature.  Further, she avoids public debate to allow the people to evaluate her position on important issues.  She appears to prefer partisan events where only her view is heard.  Her ideas appear to include legislating religious values for us without thought to the importance of separation of church and state and its future ramifications.

Our Constitution was designed carefully after the religious purges and wars in Europe to accommodate the wide variety of beliefs found here in our nation.  Our state Constitution is also designed to accommodate a wide range of religious beliefs.  If we compromise this separation of church and state, whose religious cannon shall become the legislated authority?  Maybe your beliefs will be the legislated authority today, perhaps somebody else’s legislated beliefs tomorrow. We have seen this in other countries which we know as the religious law of the Taliban.  This is the last thing we need here.

Boldly, acting together, we the people are a force that cannot be denied.  This has been demonstrated repeatedly from the time of the American Revolution.   We must again, acting together, demand equality for all.  When the rights of one person are trampled, the rights of everyone are trampled.  Today it is somebody else, but tomorrow it may be you.

Our unique democracy is now much controlled by money; vast amounts from corporate moguls who abuse wealth to influence our legislature.  They attempt to control the agenda to acquire power and pursue their own agenda.  The result of this greed and self-righteous presumption is the marginalizing of people and the disenfranchisement of the vote of the people.

Voting disenfranchisement eliminates the voice of the people to carry out the will of the people.  This results in economic slavery.  It is a return of days gone by.  We must not allow laws that make it difficult for the poor, employees and elderly to exercise their right to vote.

Texas' most recent abuse of women’s rights is a travesty, clearly in opposition to the majority will of the people.  In the name of protecting women, our legislature has denied millions of women health care in order to accomplish a personal agenda.

This Texas Senate District 25 campaign is about correcting the wrongs that have happened with Campbell’s votes during her one term in office. It is about restoring the freedom from government edict and about restoring the power of the people.

--Dan Boone
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